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Clever Dog Smart Camera 120°

Clever Dog Smart Camera 120°

Our #1 Selling product

  • 120° Wide Angle Lens with 1280*960 resolution.
  • Use the advanced H.264 High Profile compression technology, which can be the lowest code rate and HD image quality.

Double fisheye symmetric design, for real-time seamless contiguity

HD dual-lens for double vision

Two fish eyes with ultra wide angle and high-definition lens, forming a circular view
Precise optical structure Enlarge the coverage immensely

UniCam 720° Panoramic Camera

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7 core technologies

Strong core Cortex-A7+DSP, capturing every tinge of subtle changes, and mobilizing 7 major ISP (image signal processing) mechanisms, to take clearer photos

2 hours long battery life

Equipped with a 1900mAh lithium battery, for continuous shooting and enjoyment to your satisfaction

Home on Mobile

Monitor your
Wherever you are

  • You can watch real-time video with android and ios smart phone, anywhere,anytime
  • High definition pictures and full-duplex speech makes you keep an eye of your shops when at home.

Clever Dog APP

You can connect your smart camera and smart doorbell by clever dog app and enjoy your smart life anywhere, anytime.

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This is a quick over-view of Clever Dogs product range, most of which are available in our store.

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The Wait Is Finally Over

Change the way you secure your home & enjoy a stress free life.